Photo of the Day- 27nov2010


As most of you know, Ashley and I have adopted a little Bolivian girl named Betty Diaz. She has been our adopted daughter since May of last year. I know, I know, that was before we were married, but please don’t make a big deal of it, we don’t want granny to find out. Anyway, we love our Betty Diaz even if she is just an Average Betty. (Click to see the post I introduced you to Betty Diaz.)

Today we got a letter from Betty Diaz with an updated picture.

Uhhhh… I know that they say that money can’t buy you happiness, but we have been sending Betty Diaz 38 bucks a month for a year and a half, it seems like she should be a little happier than she was.

This is her last year:

She is understandably not as chipper as the kids down our street, but I thought that was because someone had slicked her hair down and maybe didn’t tell her to say queso or count to tres before they snapped the picture. Looking at this new picture of her, I’m thinking that she isn’t looking any happier than she did last year. But maybe it’s just me, let’s look at the pictures side by side.

Nope, she is definitely not looking happier. Maybe along with this month’s 38 bucks, we’ll send her a Bumpits to work on that slicked down hair she has going on.

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