Photo of the Day- 28nov2010

This where Ashley and I spent the weekend.

The Claremont House Bed and Breakfast in Rome. It was really nice. It was built in 1880 and had all kinds of history.

And this is where Tom Selleck spent the weekend.

Ashley’s Honda Accord. It was built in 1991… and is not quite as nice.

As is tradition, when we got back we rewarded Emmy for her good behavior at Grandma and Grandpa’s with a new chew toy.

That is not the picture of the chew toy, but she thought it was. She loved it. It was all flashy and had all kinds of balls all over it. It HAD to be her new chew toy. Except that it wasn’t.

Ashley came up with a great idea the 37th time Emmy got into the tree: She covered the lower limbs with hot sauce. Actually it was hot relish, but still it worked.  A few bites of the hot relish limbs and Emmy was done. She ran straight for her water bowl panting like she had run a marathon. I tried to stop her, “No, no, NO… water makes it worse!”

It was too late.

Long story short, Emmy had some eggnog and is feeling better, and has not touched the tree since. So you know what that means…

Hot relish in the Honda’s back window! Look out Tom Selleck!

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“A Wickedly Delicious Relish!”

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