Photo of the Day- 02dec2010

Today I want to play a new game called…

What Kind of Shark…

It is a new game where we try to guess What Kind of Shark… did whatever. For example, today we will play…

What Kind of Shark… Bit This Car???


We’ll make it multiple choice.

(BONUS: click on each choice to see what each shark looks like!)


A. Great White Shark

B. Goblin Shark

C. Pug-Nosed Shark

D. Mega Mouth Shark

E. Basking Shark

I’ll give you a few clues: It was in the parking lot of Moe’s Southwest Grill. Near a Target. In Tennessee.

And when you think you have the answer, click  HERE  to see if you are right.

Just kidding… click  here  to see the real answer.


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