It’s The Great Pumpernickel Mystery, Charlie Brown

Many of you have guessed as to what the answer to The Great Pumpernickel Mystery is…Some guessed  A…. some B…. some C… some D… some E… and some 11, which, strangley enough, is not even a choice. Tonight we find out the answer.

If you have not had a chance to play, click  HERE  and play before you look at the answer below.

Okay, you have waited long enough… Let’s find out what “Pumpernickel” really means…

Our choices were:

A. Bread for Nicole

B. Panned Wheat Bread

C. Monkey’s Wheat Foot

D. Bread of Norway

E. Devil’s Fart

Several of you guessed Bread for Nicole and you are almost so right. That is an old wives tale of where it came from. It was said that Napoleon asked for bread and when they brought it to him and he tasted it he said, “c’est pain pour Nicole!” which basically means this can’t be for me, it must be for my horse Nicole.

It all sounds good, except for one thing: Pumpernickel Bread existed before Napoleon.

Bread of Norway and Panned Wheat Bread both were just choices that sounded logical to throw you off. Those breads might exist, but they aren’t Pumpernickel.

Which leaves Monkey’s Wheat Foot and Devil’s Fart. Both sound pretty ridiculous, but one IS what “Pumpernickel” really means. True Story.

Okay… so which one is it????

Without further adieu… “Pumpernickel” really means…

Devil’s Fart.

Seriously, “pumpernickel” means “Devil’s Fart”. For true. Google it, you’ll see.  NOTE: I do not suggest you Google Image “Devils Fart” because you will get some not so awesome pictures like this. Yikes.

I know you are not going to believe this without a little proof so I am going to include several links to PROVE it.

Okay, click HERE … and HERE…. and HERE…. but not HERE.

Thanks for playing, see ya next time!

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2 Responses to “It’s The Great Pumpernickel Mystery, Charlie Brown”

  1. Cicely Says:

    Devil’s Fart. Never woulda guessed it. Yikes.

  2. Bubba Gump Pumpernickel Farm « Says:

    […] ANSWER […]

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