Photo of the Day- 03dec2010


Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner…

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The house next door to us is for rent which means two things. 1) You have a chance to be our neighbor! and 2) We can use their trashcan this week since ours is full and I forgot to take it to the curb yesterday. It’s a WIN!/WIN!

Seriously, haven’t you and your family always dreamed of living in a land where your birthday is a national holiday?!?!? Well, now is your chance. For a mere $1100 a month you and your family can live in The Democratic Republic of Dupresia! I know it sounds expensive, but I think it costs so much because our across the street neighbor gives us broccoli and tomatoes for free all summer long!

I’m looking so forward to you moving here! Although again, I would appreciate if you would wait until next week because I really did forget to take our trashcan to the curb yesterday and I am going to need some place to put our trash this week that isn’t on top of our washing machine per Ashley’s request.

If you have any questions on how soon you can move in, call 521-5566 and ask for Travis. Tell him you want the discount you saw online. I’m not sure if there is such a discount, but it never hurts to ask. See ya soon, neighbor!

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 03dec2010”

  1. Cicely Says:

    COOL!! I’ll ask my parents! (Just kidding)

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