Photo of the Day- 06dec2010

Ashley and I like magazines. I like to read TV Guide and Art Calendar and EW and soccer magazines, and she likes to read Food and Wine and People and US Weekly Magazine. Sometimes I read all mine and so I read hers. I saw this today in one of her US Weekly Magazines. It is a whole centerfold devoted to the idea that “Stars are JUST LIKE US!” And there are even pictures to prove it!

Click to Enlarge


They feed their babies!

They try on new sneakers!

They buy pet supplies!

They go to the dog run!

They can’t resist chips!

And there are even quotes to go along with the pictures for example… Justin Timberlake… he can’t resist chips!… we know that because the quote says, “I am a HUGE Lakers fan!”

WOW! They ARE just like us! Thanks US Weekly Magazine!

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