Photo of the Day- 04april2011

I have been in jail for 4 months.

Not really, but that sounds more exciting than telling you that my wife thinks I can’t keep a secret. “Ashley is pregnant. I am not supposed to tell you that until Thursday, but I feel like I can go ahead and tell you now because I know you won’t tell anyone, right?”

That is a post I started 2 months ago, 3 days before we told our extended families… so I guess she was right. I hate to say that, but I guess it’s true. I decided to put myself on haitus so that I wouldn’t say anything I wasn’t supposed to say. I mean, I guess I wasn’t making the best decisions.

Like letting the one-armed man drive me around:

He kept flipping the radio stations and fiddling with the air conditioner knobs. Crazy. Luckily about the same time I went on my haitus Charlie Sheen went off the rails and has been entertaining us all. So from all of us here at, “Thank you, Charlie Sheen.”

Anyway, like I said, Ashley is pregnant and we are very excited. We don’t find out for a couple of days if it is a boy or a girl but that doesn’t keep us from buying the baby stuff.

Like this tiara:

What a beautiful girl!

Or boy.

Maybe Ashley’s mom was right, maybe we shouldn’t buy any baby stuff till we know…

But no matter if it’s a girl

Or a boy

We are going to love this baby a lot. Well, a lot-ish.


I’m glad to get back to the Photo of the Day, I’ve been missing you guys! And I’ve been missing sharing with you all the ridiculousness that is my life. See ya all tomorrow! 

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