Photo of the Day- 05april2011

Today I went to the maternity clothing store, Motherhood, to buy Ashley a couple more pairs of clothes to wear to work. I wanted to surprise her because she has been working so hard (and wearing the same 3 pairs of pants and skirts to work every day) that I wanted to get her a surprise. I didn’t want her to know so I went there by myself. It is awkward enough a guy going to a maternity clothing store by himself but add my bout of laryngitis to the mix and…yikes.

Question: What makes a guy going into a maternity store by himself creepier

Answer: Hoarse-whispering.

But it turned out good. They helped me find the right pants and skirt and shirts and we had a good time. After I told them I was married and explained I had laryngitis and wasn’t being creepy on purpose.

That store is the coolest; they have everything a pregnant woman could possibly need. Pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses, pant suits, swim suits, candy…everything! Everything but shoes. I guess pregnant people wear regular shoes just like us. Who knew?!?!

They even had little bumps women could wear to try on clothes that shows them what they will look like later in pregnancy. I told them they should have the same thing for the husbands. And then I modeled it for them:

Man whose wife is 2 months pregnant:

Man whose wife is 8 months pregnant:

I’m gonna make a killing off these husband bumps! Sooooomebody is getting a “Buns in the Oven” t-shirt! 

I’m talking about you Ashley!



Uhhh… I bet she just had to run to pee. Baby’s on her bladder.

Wait… that was a month ago. Crap. She left the room again. I would yell for her but I have laryngitis so I can just hoarse-whisper yell, which, as we all know, is creepy.

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