Photo of the Day- 06april2011

Sometimes girls choose who is going to win a football game based on which uniform they like the best. “The Ravens are going to win because I LOOOOVE purple.”

I am kind of the same way with American Idol. They all sing pretty well so I like to pick who I like by what job they had before they came to Idol. For example, Ruben Studdard used to work at Books-a-Million and I LOOOVE to read so I was cheering for him.  Crystal Bowersox used to sing at skydivers’ funerals. Skydiver funerals??? Yup, I’m gonna cheer for her. And a couple of years ago there was Jason Castro. He had dreadlocks. Yup, I’m in. (Sometimes I cheer based on cool hair instead of pre-Idol jobs.)

Anyway, this year from one of the first audition episodes I had picked who I was going to cheer for:

Jacob Lusk.

Before I heard him sing. Before I saw him perform. Before I knew much about him at all, I knew I would cheer for him. Why?

Because of his pre-Idol job. He was a conceirge at a spa… in COMPTON! For real! Proof:

First of all I never knew there were spas in Compton. Dr. Dre never mentioned it. Ice Cube never mentioned it. Suge Knight never killed anybody at a spa in Compton. You think Al Roker or Neicy Nash would have said something at least. But no, no one has ever mentioned a spa in Compton. Although there apparently is one and Jacob Lusk works at it and therefore has my full support on American Idol.

Tonight was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night on Idol. The remaining 9 could sing any song by any artist in the Hall of Fame. I think. I don’t really get into all the rules. All I know is that Jacob was going first and I was excited. My feet in my bubble spa and cucumbers on my eyes, I was ready to cheer. He sang Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” It was good but I’ll be honest, I thought he might go with “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman,” so I was confused.

Although we saw later that Chattanooga’s own Lauren sang that so she must have gotten to it before him. Still I think he did better (and would have done better with that song, too) so I think he is safe for another week.  Good thing because the more research I do the less I know about spas in Compton.

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