Photo of the Day- 08april2011

Today is “Reveal the Gender of the Baby to the World Day!” and I was really excited to reveal it to my coworkers. I decided to do it via a “Reveal Cake” Ashley and I made. The first one we made was an awesome bunt cake we were going to cover in chocolate icing and write “It’s a…” on and then cut into and reveal what our wonderful, awesome, amazing, fantastic, humorous baby is!

But we kind of broke that one.

So at midnight we made another cake and I took that one to the office today.

“Pink is girl and Blue is boy,” I said to everyone gathered into the main office at work to cut the cake. I have been building up to this for a few days so everyone was anxious. While they stared at the cake I cut a piece and lifted it out so they could see.

“It’s… green,” Audrey said as I looked at everyone all excited. “Is this a trick?”

“Green???” I said as I looked at it myself. “No, it’s not; it’s… crap… it’s green.”

“Are you having a leprechaun??” someone said.

“Wait, is your baby an alien?” someone else said.

Noticing it was a confetti cake with all different colors of confetti Audrey said, “Are you having 11 kids??”

“It’s supposed to be blue, we’re having a BOY!” I said.

Maybe I should have skipped the cake and just showed them the ultrasound.

BOY PARTS! Our baby has boy parts. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t have the ultrasound, Ashley did. All I had was a green cake and their full attention. “You should have hidden a baby from a king cake in there,” Brother Bill said.

“Everybody’s a Monday Morning Quarterback, aren’t they?”

But I guess Little Baby Boy Lewis should get used to this from his dad, because this is how I roll. “Why’s my volcano for my science fair shooting out green lava, dad?” It’s not green, it’s RED!” I’ll say, and tell him this story about the time I made a blue cake to tell the world he was coming.

And he’ll say, “So you’ve always been colorblind, huh dad?”

Here’s another picture I just have to share with you. It’s another ultrasound and in it you can see Little Baby Boy Lewis sucking his thumb! We could have stayed there till September just watching our baby on the ultrasound, but apparently that is frowned upon. So instead we just keep staring at this awesome picture. Check it out:

The Best. Baby. Ever.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 08april2011”

  1. Cicely Says:

    KEVIN!!!! YOU HAVE A BABY!!!!! (not that you don’t know already) I’m so glad you’re BAAAAACK!!!! Yeah….

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