Photo of the Day- 12april2011

Difference #43 in Being a Dad and Being an Uncle: Knives

This morning I brought Shepherd to breakfast with me at the church with the Widower’s Group. They love it when he comes because he is very entertaining, plus they like to mess with him. Like today they told him his ears were loose and then they would wiggle them. It was freaking him out because he thought they were going to fall off. It was great and yet another reason being an uncle is sometimes more fun than being a dad. Another reason: Knives.

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At the beginning of the meal Shep gave me the knife out of his silverware packet because I guess he’s not allowed to use them, but by the end of breakfast, and because I’m his uncle and not his dad, he was weilding his knife like an expert. He was buttering EVERYTHING. He was buttering his biscuit and he was buttering his eggs and he was buttering his donuts and he was buttering his bacon. What can make bacon even better?, he was asking himself. Butter.

He said he loved it but I think he just loved using the knife.

Coincidentally, this picture is also Reason #51 Why I’m Probably Not Ready To Be a Dad: I let 3 year olds play with knives.

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