Photo of the Day- 14april2011

We know we’re having a boy and so far we are calling him “Little Baby Boy Lewis” because we haven’t quite come up with a name yet. Though it is not for lack of suggestions, for example, Uncle Shannon has suggested “Huey” as in Huey Lewis and The News. We added it to the list (but not necessarily because we are considering it). My mom has suggested many names including “Thaxton” and “Kash” which I’m pretty sure she has gotten from one of her soap operas. I guess it’s good we’re not having a girl because I’m not sure I could handle “Erica Kane Lewis” as a suggestion from my mom. ;-)

I joke, but my mom has come up with some pretty original names, and who knows, we might even use one. As we try possible names out we always consider how it would look as a dinosaur name. (That’s a little something we learned while in Orlando at a dinosaur restaurant.)

For example, Katherine, which would be “Katherineosaurus” as a dinosaur name. Sounds great, right? (And looks great on an piggy bank!)

But others don’t quite work as well. Like Jesusosaurus.

See, how your baby’s name sounds as a dinosaur name matters more than you ever realized, huh?

So back to some of those suggestions… “Thaxtonosaurus”?… “Kashosaurus”?… Actually that would sound pretty great on a piggy bank, but “Hueyosaurus”?… We’ll see Uncle Shannon, we’ll see…

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