Photo of the Day- 15april2011

Tonight after a crazy day at work Ashley threw me a Surprise English Tea Party!

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After they said “SURPRISE!” they let me change into a “English Tea Party Outfit.” I thought the tea party was going to be on Saturday but Ashley was worried she couldn’t pull off a giant tea party with a bunch of people so we just had it with her mom and dad and sister and the best puppy in the world Emmy (Emmy and I have the same birthday!). She said she didn’t know if she could cook enough food for everyone, but I think she cancelled it because she got nervous because I wanted to have a dress code and charge people admission and have a separate tea party section for Emmy and her dog friends.  She said, “You’re not P. Diddy.” And I said, “Well, P. Diddy had to start somewhere and if I had to guess I would imagine it was a joint birthday tea party for him and his dog and 30 of his closest friends.”

She disagreed, but she did so with a certain politeness because we were at an English Tea Party.

Her parents and sister got me a gift. Something called “Skull Candy.”

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I think their presentation just added to the gift, which judging from the skull on the box was most likely deadly. I opened it expecting a cobra to pop out at me, but it was a really awesome pair of headphones:

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Awesome headphones filled with spider eggs. I’m assuming. I’m still not sure the “Skull Candy” aren’t going to kill me, but if they do be prepared: My funeral is going to have a dress code and we will be charging admission.

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