Photo of the Day- 16april2011

LBBL is going to be born in just a few short months so today I thought it was time to get started on the things that are really important.

Like saving for his college education. I made a “piggy bank” out of a box and wrote “Little Baby Boy Lewis’s College Fund” and put it on the table in the entry way.

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This way all our visitors (and all the Grandparents) can put money in the box for LBBL and he will be set for college. So far we have raised a dollar forty two and one entry to win free pizza for life. (Since seeing a box like this at Pizza Hut, Shepherd thinks all boxes like this are a place to register for free pizza for life.)

Although I guess I should be honest and tell you that it’s not really a “college fund,” it’s more of a “Disney fund.”

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“Everything I ever needed to know about the world I learned at Epcot.” I think it was Brittany Spears who said that. She never went to college and she turned out okay. Eventually. And I think if we can make enough trips to Disney throught LBBL’s childhood, college or no college, he’ll turn out just fine too.

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 16april2011”

  1. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    I’m so glad you spelled “Little” right on the Disney box. Could get confusing, as I don’t know what “Litte” means. :) You are gonna have so much fun with this baby boy!

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