Photo of the Day- 17april2011

Today is Palm Sunday. Ashley and I taught the 3 year old Sunday School Class for the second hour. It was a lot of fun as always. They are so smart so it is really fun to teach them (and play chase with them).

As we were telling the story of Jesus riding to the temple in Jerusalem on a donkey covered with a blanket with crowds of people laying down palm leaves along the road I thought it would be neat to act it out with some of the things in the room.

But as we began to look around I realized we didn’t have a lot of the supplies I would need so I had to improvise. For example, we didn’t have a temple so I used blocks to build a temple. We didn’t have a donkey so I used a hippo. We didn’t have a blanket so I used a paper towel. We didn’t have palm leaves so I used bits and pieces of  green construction paper. We didn’t have a Jesus-like carpenter with a beard figurine so I used a Jeff Foxworthy-like mechanic with a mustache figurine.

Believe it or not, it worked out pretty well.

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See… it was pretty amazing. Look at the lady with the dayplanner. She got so excited she fainted!

Granted, it wasn’t the most complete and accurate version of The Story of Palm Sunday ever told, but hopefully the jist of it will be remembered for a while.

(Family riding home from church in the minivan)

MOM: “Hey buddy, what did you learn in Sunday School this morning?”

CHILD: “Jesus rode to the log cabin on a hippo down the construction paper road. He was a mechanic and had a moustache.”

(Cue fainting of the lady with the dayplanner in 3…2…1.)

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