Photo of the Day- 29april2011


And as I’ve already said, Ashley and I are a little bit obsessed with it. We got up at 3:30am to watch. We watched the pre-show and the post-show; we watched the procession, we watched the recession; we watched the ceremony, we watched the kiss. Both of them. We watched the replay later. We, okay, I wanted to buy the Royal Wedding Commerative Plate. We are a little bit obsessed with it.

Did you see Kate’s dress? I know I’m a guy, but it was great! We loved it. Did you see Prince William’s uniform? Cool, huh! The only thing I would have changed about the wedding was the songs. There were about 73 of them and each one was longer than the last. There were so many songs that they had chairs for Kate and William to sit in during the ceremony. That’s a lot of songs.

Anyway, we loved the wedding. When Ashley saw the dress she said, “That looks like my mom’s dress!” but I didn’t believe her until I saw the picture of her mom’s dress:


Click to Enlarge


That IS Kate’s dress!

Well, it is very close. And is now available on eBay.

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