Photo of the Day- 03may2011

NOTE: Ashley’s mom, Mrs Michaels, is a 2nd grade teacher at a East Brainerd Elementary School here in Chattanooga. I want to show you a picture from her class, but I’m not sure of all the rules so for this post we will call her “Mrs Mikes” and call her school “EBE” so we can keep this anonymous.

Mrs Mikes from EBE works very hard and so do her students. They have been learning and studying and doing homework and taking tests and are really, really smart. The year is almost over and they have learned all the 2nd grade material and taken the big state tests and are now just counting down the days till summer while getting a head start on 3rd grade. Some people say the kids are just piddling and wasting time, but I disagree and so does Mrs Mikes. Consider this drawing she confiscated during Spelling today.

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Some might say this little boy was not paying attention and was just drawing crazy pictures, and I’ll admit I did too at first, but Mrs Mikes said, “No, I think he was probably just drawing up math worksheets for his friends.”

1-1= ?

“See how I had one plane…” he says as he shows the worksheet to his friends. “It was my ONLY plane and then it crashed so how many planes do I have now?”


“That’s right!” he exclames. “Seeeee! Isn’t math fun!?!?”

It is!!! 

I can’t wait to get to the social studies worksheets!

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