Photo of the Day- 10may2011

It’s Tuesday which means it’s Upward Practice Night over at East Ridge Baptist Church.

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Which, apparently, means it’s Run Like an Airplane Time!

Mrs Mikes is coaching a 5 year old team (and even though they “don’t keep score,” they are undefeated). It’s been a great season so far and now the end is near which is exciting because it means Upward Awards Night is near!

I’ve been to tons of Upward Awards Nights and I’ve seen some great entertainment -Magicians, Stuntmen, Athletes, Mad Scientists, etc- but ERBC has the best of the BEST coming to their Upward Awards Night.

Charlie Sheen!!!!


I know it sounds crazy, but The Upward Soccer League is all about everyone winning and there is NO ONE more winninger than Charlie Sheen, right!?!!

I’ll admit, I didn’t believe it myself at first, but then I saw the poster:

Click to Enlarge

And I KNEW he really WAS coming to ERBC! “I wonder when???” was my next question. And then I saw the marquee sign out front of the church:

Click to Enlarge


This is too exciting! Charlie Sheen is a magician and an athlete and a mad scientist and a stuntman all in one! And, because he has tiger blood, he is a winner.

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