I meant to tell you guys about this yesterday, but I got busy and I didn’t. Sorry. The world is going to end May 21st. THIS May 21st! It’s true!

Ashley and I were riding back from Florida last month and she saw a billboard and said, “Hey did you know the world is going to end July 21st?”

I said, “What? Really?? July 21st this year??? That is waaaaayyy too soon! That stinks, but I guess it’s true, it IS on a billboard in Florida.”

A few minutes later she saw another billboard, this one a little more clearly, and said, “Oh wait, the world isn’t going to end in July…” 

“Oh, thank goodness,” I said before she could finish with, “It’s going to end MAY 21st.”

“MAAAAAAAYYYYYYY?????” I said. “Whaaaattt???? I thought we had until JULY!!!!!”

“Nope, it says May,” she said.

“It must be true because we saw it on a billboard in Florida,” I said sad to know the end was near.

We hadn’t thought about it much since then, and to be honest, I guess I had forgotten until Ashley sent me an email to a link to a NPR story about it. Basically it said “the world is going to end May 21, 2011” (just like the billboard in Florida said)!

It is! Read the story yourself:

SEEEEEE!!!!! This is for real! There are people handing out flyers and giving speeches and not just somewhere else, but here. Right here in Chattanooga there is a billboard that clearly states Jesus is Coming Soon.

Click to Enlarge

Seeeee! The billboard says it… Jesus is Coming Soon!

Okay, well soon-ish.

(I think the Daisy Church of God might have planned a little too far ahead on the warning…)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know in case there was anything you wanted to get done in the next 10… oh gosh I mean 9 days. Or anything you might want to put off too I guess. “Yeah honey, I’ll paint the fence. No really, I don’t mind, but I can’t do it this weekend. But I can for sure (wink wink) do it next weekend.”

And remember, it’s just like the guy in the story said, if you’re here on the 22nd you’re in hell.

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One Response to “BIG TIME NEWS FLASH!!!!”

  1. Sean Says:

    What’s that dancing thing at the top of the sign? Is it a cross-between a baby and a pig?

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