Photo of the Day- 12may2011

This just in…

Lauren Alaina is in the Top 3 on American Idol!

It is a pretty big deal around here because she is from the area, everyone is super excited. Which is great, but tonight Ryan Seacrest said they would be coming to her hometown, which isn’t exactly true… her hometown is Rossville, Georgia. They aren’t coming to Rossville though, they are coming to Chattanooga. They are going to be at Coolidge Park on Saturday.

This is what Coolidge Park looks like:

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Coolidge Park is on the river in downtown Chattanooga. Really clean and family friendly, it is an awesome place for a hometown concert. Rossville on the other hand… well… it’s not that it’s not great… it is… it’s just that some parts of the main road is… less than awesome.

Here’s a video from the Chattanooga Times Free Press about how it has changed.

About halfway through the video you see a big van with a blue tarp on it. He has a unique business going. Check him out and see if you can figure it out.

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Did you get it? Can you guess? No? Probably not clear enough so I’ll just tell you.

He is known as the Shoe Porn Guy. He sells shoes… and he sells porn. Right there out of his van everyday. I’m guessing American Idol might not want to show that… which is a shame because he is a huge Lauren Alaina fan.

No, really… he is.

Click to Enlarge

He has a sign out front of his “establishment” and everything.

Oh well, I guess we can’t all get on tv, right?

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 12may2011”

  1. Jason Hooper Says:

    That is not in Rossville! This entrepreneur’s establishment may be on the way to Rossville, on Rossville Blvd., but he is still in Chattanooga.

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