A Book, Bathroom, and a Bed and Breakfast

Alright, the countdown to 11.11.11 has started! Over the next 11 days I’ll be sharing photos from the last couple of years to get you all in the groove again. Today’s photo is from a trip Ashley and I took almost a year ago. Enjoy!


Today is rained a lot in Chattanooga. A lot. It was flooding streets and swelling creeks. It started before daylight and didn’t end until after dark, and I loved it. I love the rain. The rain is my favorite. I could live in a rainforest (if they had cable and Wi-Fi). I love the rain.

I just love to go to the bookstore in the rain. I love to drink coffee and look at books and just relax and listen to the rain and the guys playing dungeons and dragons on their laptops in the cafe.

Today Ashley was excited to show me a book she had seen when we were in Rome this weekend. (We were in Rome, GA not Rome, Italy, although I’m sure the Barnes and Noble is pretty much the same either place.) It was this book:

Click to Enlarge

Yup… that’s exactly what it looks like. It guides you in how to handle almost any “situation.” Except for maybe this one:

Click to Enlarge

The Most Awkward Public Restroom Ever.

This is an actual bathroom in a local funeral home in North Georgia. I guess they figure that most people there visiting will know each other, but call me old fashioned, I prefer my privacy. I know that Jesus is everywhere and I may not be a very good Baptist minister for saying it, but I would like to think that even He has the courtesy to wait outside while I’m taking care of business in the bathroom.



Today for lunch we went with Hope and Chad to Good Dog down by Coolidge Park. It is a new hotdog place with fancy hotdogs like the “Fred Dog” and “Weiss’s New York Street ‘Dirty Water’ Dog”. Ashley and I both made up a dog we called “The Kenny Rogers Dog”. It is a chili dog with jalapenos, cheese, and sour cream. (Hot and cheesy with a streak of pure white like The Gambler’s beard.)

While I was there I had to go to the bathroom and it too was fancy. It had a “waiting room” with a hip and trendy chair to sit in while the guy ahead of you finished up.

And well… you will just have to click HERE to see the photos and read the rest of it.

Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

The Economy Honda Superstore

If you are in the market for a new or used car, I can personally recommend Economy Honday Supercenter! Last month Ashley and I went there “just to look” and walked away with the perfect car for the perfect price. We are now the proud owners of a gold Honda Accord that we have named Goldie Honda. If you go, ask for Don and tell him Kevin sent you!



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