eleven eleven eleven

KEViNTHECOOLGUY.COM will return full time on November 11th.

As you know Ashley and I have been busy raising a real live baby named Kevin K Lewis, Jr. We call him “Kit” because his middle name is “Kitman” and we are close enough to him that we feel we can shorten it. He has been a 24 hour a day 7 day a week job. Luckily we have a pretend nanny who keeps us sane. At 3 in the morning when we are dead tired and Kit is crying and pooping and eating and peeing at the same time, just knowing we have a pretend nanny gets us through till morning.

But we are starting to get the hang of it all and Kit is the best baby in the whole world and he has agreed to help me with the website so we’re bringing it back full time!

To get you all back in the swing of things over the next 11 days I will be posting some of your randomly selected favorite Photos and Posts from the past couple of years. If you are a loyal reader it will be a fun reminder of those Photos from the past. If you are a new reader it will give you an idea of what you are in for! Thanks for visiting the site, I’m looking forward to bringing the new season of Photo of the Day to you and sharing with you once again the ridiculousness that is my life!

Don’t forget to tell your mama, tell you neighbors, and tell your friends…

The NEW Season Begins 11.11.11!

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One Response to “eleven eleven eleven”

  1. Nancy Reed Says:

    I asked Jeremy when I went to Crawford’s birthday party if your little one had arrived and he told me yes and you had named him after you. Congratulations!!! Glad you will be coming back soon!

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