At Least Their Motto Isn’t “It Won’t Cost You An Arm and A Leg… Well…”

Originally Posted 21may2009

21may2009- Stubbs Prosthetics-


Okay, so your last name is “Stubbs” and you have a passion for making prosthetic limbs, I can give you that much. But as you were trying to figure out a name for your company no one tried to steer you away from “Stubbs Prosthetics”?

Really? I mean, Stubbs….. Really??? I think “Petey the Pirate’s Peg Leg Emporium” might have been less inappropriate.



If you ever have any trouble with your iPhone or iPad or iPod or any other iDevice, iDefinitely recommend Donald down at iFixie. He is awesome and can fix anything. He is faster and cheaper than any of the big box stores, plus he is right across from Urban Stack so it is built in excuse to get an awesome burger.

Ashley: My iPhone is messed up, I called Donald and he said to bring it down today at 4 and he would look at it an…

Me: That is awesome, I have been craving Urban Stack!

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