Bubba Gump Pumpernickel Farm

Originally Posted 01dec2010

My favorite thing to learn is something I taught someone else and then forgot. That happened today. Bill Mack came in talking to me about something I had in a quiz I did one time during staff devotion. It was about Pumpernickel Bread.

This is Pumpernickel Bread:

It’s a little blurry because some old lady bumped me with her buggy while I was taking a picture, but still, you get it. It is a dark bread that costs $3.99 at the Bi-Lo. While normally in bread form, it is actually very versatille. There are pumpernickel crackers and pumpernickel bagels and even pumpernickel pudding and pumpernickel beer.

But that wasn’t what the trivia was about. It was about what the name “pumpernickel” means. I made it multiple choice for them, so I will make it multiple choice for you.

What does “pumpernickel” mean?

A. Bread for Nicole

B. Panned Wheat Bread

C. Monkey’s Wheat Foot

D. Bread of Norway

E. Devil’s Fart

Do your best to try and guess without looking at Wikipedia. The winner receives one loaf of Bi-Lo Pumpernickel Bread that you can make into crackers or pudding or even beer!

Good LUCK!

Compare your answer with the correct answer by clicking on the link below:



Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

If you are going to be buying some pumpernickel bread this holiday season, I recommend you buy it from Bi-Lo. If you are going to buy regular bread, I can also recommend you buy it from Bi-Lo. If you are going to buy Amish Friendship Bread, I can recommend, well, actually, you probably can’t find that at Bi-Lo.

Special thanks to Bi-Lo and Bi-Lo Charities for Helping us with Lunch with Luther and giving us an awesome deal on turkeys allowing us to build more Thanksgiving Boxes for Hamilton County Kids.

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