Things I Do For A T-Shirt #21

Originally Posted 22feb2010

I started the Aspire Program at Bryan College tonight because Community on NBC and Chevy Chase have shown me that eccentric old men CAN go back to school and make something of themselves.

It’s a tradition in my family to take a picture of yourself the first day of school, and even though I am in 37th grade, I’m keeping the tradition alive.

(I think it turned out way better than my First Day of School in 2nd Grade.)

And just think, I was voted “Best Dressed” in Kindergarten and 1st Grade…

I can’t remember how that first day of school went -I’m sure I have it repressed for a reason so I’ll not try to revive it- but I do know that tonight went great! Aaaaaand I got a t-shirt!

I do a lot of things just to get the t-shirt, I guess finishing college is one of those things now.


People who have seen my First Day of School 2nd Grade picture have said they would like to see more of it… so here you go!

First Day of School 37th 2nd Grade

Okay, so maybe it was just Ashley…


Today’s Photo Brought To You By:


If you are thinking of completing your degree, but are shy and nervous that if you go to ITT Technical Institute they will make you do a commercial when you get done, then I can definitely recommend going to Bryan College. It is the best decision I have ever made.*

*I am both an actual student and an actor portrayal.

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