Not Everyone Uses It… But Maybe They Should

Originally Posted 06oct2009


As you all know, the Lakeview Fort Olgethorpe Cheerleaders have been in the news lately because of the signs they have made for the football players to run through. They even made Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live!



They made the papers, they made the news, they even made SNL, but my favorite thing they made was this sign they put in front of their school:


04oct2009- Warrior Natioin


“Warrior Natioin Under God”


And here’s how I think this happened:


LFO Cheerleader 1: Hey Brittany, how do you spell “nation”? Is it “io” or “oi”?

Brittany: Both, I think.


aaaaaand scene!

People are freaking out about Separation of Church and State, but I think they should be more concerned with the apparent Separation of Spelling and State.



Today’s Photo Brought To You By:


Not everyone uses it… but maybe they should.


Only 4 more days until 11.11.11

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One Response to “Not Everyone Uses It… But Maybe They Should”

  1. Kevin Smith Says:

    I’m still laughing; hell, it’s better than crying. Phones allow for an available dictionary and they still miss it?! I defend science education in schools, but I may need to turn towards some other subjects. Wow.

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