Reason To Work Less #27: March (Movie) Madness

Originally Posted 23mar2009 (During The March Madness of the College Basketball Tournament)


Are you tired of all your coworkers spending their time watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Do you feel jipped because they spent 99% of their Thursday and Friday checking scores on their iPhones and sneaking off to the break room to watch March Madness on CBS?

Well, today is Monday and there are no games so those guys should be busy catching up on all the work they fell behind on at the end of next week. You are way ahead of them as far as workload completed, and you didn’t even watch one game and yet your office pool bracket is looking just as good as theirs. You deserve a reward. You deserve a little wasted time of your own.

Well, we here at feel your pain and we want to reward you. So take a moment to run to the break room and pop a bag of popcorn. Go by the coke machine and grab you a soda, regular, not diet, and sit down, crank up the speakers and enjoy a little March (Movie) Madness of your own.

Below are some videos that will hopefully keep you entertained for at least a little while:


*I am going to start you with one that can be considered “work related”… go ahead and click on it and have it open in another window in case you boss comes by and wonders what you are watching.

It is an “Intelligence For Your Life” video from John Tesh. Yeah, John Tesh. It is about “Avoiding Email Mistakes.” When your boss walks by, or when your coworkers figure out what you are doing and try to make a stink about it, you can just have this pulled up and when your boss asks what you are doing, you can say, “I am just trying to get better at emails, I know communication is a very important part of our job.”

And then offer to email it to your boss. That will show concern for him or her, plus it will most likely run them off because no one, even your boss, really wants to talk to you about doing your job better on a Monday.


(or you can click HERE to open in new tab)


Okay, well now you are set, we have a back up plan in place to fool your boss if necessary, get ready to waste the rest of the day!

Enjoy the rest of the videos!


* This one is from Ellen. She sends Dennis Quaid to Starbucks with an earpiece where she tells him what to do. It’s hilarious. Enjoy!




*As you know, I am a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon. I have been looking forward to his show for months and now that is out I am loving it.

They have been doing Hills-esque minisodes called “7th Floor West” that I have been enjoying. I don’t watch The Hills but I can still appreciate the satire of these videos. Click on Jimmy’s Face to see them:



* My cat sleeps 23.5 hours a day. She would sleep 24 hours a day but then she would not be able to spend any time spreading her fur all over my room, which is her favorite pass time.

I tell you that to tell you this: When I went to the Humane Society to get a pet I should have gotten an elephant.

Check out this video of an elephant playing soccer. And basketball. Notice at the beginning how he even helps his owner with his cowboy hat.



*You might have heard of humans sleepwalking, but have you ever seen a dog do it?

I love this clip of Bizkit flat out running in his sleep.



If you liked that, there are plenty of videos on YouTube of dogs sleepwalking. Seriously, if you liked it, go search out more. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. I mean after all, last week when everyone else was watching basketball, YOU were WORKING.


* Moms, do you sometimes think your kids don’t like you? Well, sometimes they don’t… I like that this kid is honest about it.

I Don’t Like You All The Time…



*Bill Dance is a professional fisherman. He is also a Tennessee Vols fan.

The Vols are no longer in the tournament, so some of you guys might not be watching the tournament this weekend, some of you might rather go fishing. Before you go, check out this montage of bloopers from Bill Dance… a “professional” fisherman.



*I like road trips, and I like pranks. Combine the two and I am gonna for sure LOVE it.



*Sometimes I think I have good ideas for inventions. This guy… this guy… has spent a good 15, 20 years of his life trying to perfect a bear suit. His name is Troy Hurtubise and he is a crazy person.

There is a whole documentary about his quest that I urge you to rent from your local Blockbuster Video called Project Grizzly. Here are a few clips of him testing his suit. My favorite is when he ties a mattress to the front of a pickup truck and then stands there and lets it run into him.

You know, just in case a bear ever steals a truck with a mattress attached to the front of it and tries to run him over…



*If you can watch this without laughing I will give you 20 bucks.

(The guy in the middle has the funniest laugh in the history of the world*)

*Verified by Stanley, Farmington, Sloane, and Jenkins, LLC



*This is just a reminder…. my birthday is coming up in 3 WEEKS and I am really wanting this guy for my birthday.


“I try not to smile cause I got my teeth knocked out by a chainsaw…”



Turtleman is my TOP priority for my birthday present.

THIS guy, The West Virginia Ninja, is my SECOND TOP priority.

THIS guy, Jesco White, is my THIRD TOP priority.

*First rule of gun safety… wear steel toe boots.



*Okay, one last video before I wrap it up. This past week in Kid’s Worship they showed a video called “Mr Kevin’s Man vs Wild Part I”

It is our own version of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls, but instead of an ex-British armed forces guy who is trained in the art of survival, it is me… “Mr Kevin”.

My qualifications: I once went hiking twice in one week and I also have a cool pocket knife.

I hope you enjoy this video, the first in a 3 part series that is being released posthumously. (maybe… I am trying to build up the suspense, I don’t want to give away how it ends.)

NOTE: Just like Bear Grylls, I am only taking along a few survival tools and my wits to help me survive in the mountains of East Tennessee… which I might add CONTAINS BEARS!! My camera crew is coming along to film my adventure (and hopefully get eaten by bears instead of me (it’s in the small print of their contracts…. SUCKAS!!))

Okay, well I hope you have enjoyed some of these videos and that you wasted enough time at work to satisfy. Remember you can always come back here again and watch the videos over and over or you could do your own little search on YouTube. Type in “monkey’s doing cartwheels” and see what pops up, it could be he most hilarious video of all time.

If one doesn’t exist, maybe you could spend part of your work day tomorrow making one…

Have a great afternoon, maybe take off a little early! Okay, see ya!

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Wasting Time At Work

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As time allows today, spend a little time wasting time at work. Need some ideas? Click on the icon below and read Justin’s 11 Ways To Kill Time At Work. 


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