Photo of the Day- 12nov2011

Today for lunch I ate a Totinos Pizza. It was a “Triple Meat Pizza”. While I was waiting for the oven to heat up I was reading the front of the box, which they have newly redesigned. It is nice and makes for an interesting read. For example, do you know what the three meats in the “Triple Meat Pizza” are?

I thought I did too buuuuttt, I didn’t. So we are going to turn this into a game for you. It’s called:

Meat Loaf’s Can You Guess That Meat???

The game show where we give you two of the meats, and you have to guess the third. I know what you are thinking… two out of three ain’t bad… well, so are we, so let’s play!

Here’s a picture of the box with the third meat blurred out, see if you can guess what it is:

Click to Enlarge

Okay, let’s make this multiple choice. Is the third meat in the Triple Meat Pizza…

A. Hamburger

B. Goose

C. Rabbit

D. Elephant

E. Duckbilled Platypus

I know what you are thinking, Those are some ridiculous choices. Well, I promise you that the answer is ridiculous. If you can guess which meat is the third meat in the Triple Meat Pizza I will personally give you Meatloaf. Not the Meat Loaf, just a Meat Loaf.

Go ahead and guess. I’ll give you some time to think about it and when you are ready to see what the answer is, just scroll on down.

Click to Enlarge

The good news is that I don’t have to give you a meat loaf because you weren’t right with your answer. The bad news is that none of those answers are right because all of those answers are meat. Yup, did you see what the third meat is… 

“Pizza Topping with Pepperoni Flavor”

What???? That’s not even sort of a meat! I feel like I have been jipped all these years I have been getting the “Triple Meat Pizza”! It’s not called the “Triple Meat Flavor Pizza”, it’s called “Triple MEAT Pizza”! Come on, Totinos! Oh well, it is still delicious so I guess I shouldn’t complain. And at least Ashley’s Triple Cheese Pizza is made with three cheeses, right!

Wait, what?


Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

 Truth in Advertising

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