Photo of the Day- 15nov2011

When I go to the doctor, I just pick up whatever magazine is sitting on the table next to the chair and read whatever page I come to. That’s how I met Emily.

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I don’t know who she is, or what Ulcerative Colitis is, but she seems really happy with it, so I think I am going to ask my doctor how I can get it.

I just love how the pharmaceutical companies make their tv ads and print ads make the diseases seem so much fun that you almost want the disease just so you can get their medicines to treat it. My favorite was always the herpes virus commercial on tv. They were better than the commercials. People would say, “I’m tired of being single, I’m going to join” and I would think, If you are really tired of being single and want to meet that special someone you can go kayaking with and ride a double-seated bicycle into the sunset with, I don’t think you should join, I think you should get herpes.

But I have always been one who is easily swayed by the media. I do own The Clapper, The Ove Glove, and every NOW That’s What I Call Music! cd. Speaking of..

Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

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