Photo of the Day- 16nov2011

Today I was layed up with a bad headache all day. Ashley took great care of me. She gave me my medicines and made sure the lights and noises didn’t bother me. She is the greatest whenever these days come along. I have been suffering from chronic headaches for years and sometimes, like today, they completely shut me down. I go back to the nuerologist next week and hopefully I’ll get some other meds that work better, but until then, I have the best wife in the world to help me out.

Kit, on the other hand, wasn’t as appreciative of Ashley today. He was fussy and didn’t necessarily want to be put down for his nap. When he finally fell asleep he managed to slip one finger out of his closed-sleeved shirt. I’ll let you guess which one…

Click to Enlarge

Yup… that’s the one we guessed, too.

Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 16nov2011”

  1. Nancy Reed Says:

    MORE! MORE! Give us more precious baby photos!

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