Photo of the Day- 17nov2011

Today was Kit’s first day of the Bumbo and he loved it. And so did I. It was a whole new adventure for us.

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As soon as I saw him sitting in this, I knew he wasn’t just sitting in a “Bumbo,” I knew he was sitting in a machine. Some kind of vehicle. Some kind of space flying machine vehicle. I knew that because of the sounds he was making. He was making space flying machine vehicle sounds.

So we started playing imaginary space flying machine vehicle games. It was awesome! The Bumbo had an imaginary steering wheel that Kit could hold onto and steer out of the way of the oncoming space traffic.

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Which is good because there were rockets flying at us from all directions we had to dodge!

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And not just from the side they were flying right at us too!!!


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It was crazy!

And then Ashley walked in from the living room and I thought our imaginary space flying machine vehicle game time was over. But all she said was, “If you are going to play dangerous imaginary games with my baby, at least imagine that he is wearing a helmet.

“”Done,” I said.

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