Photo of the Day- 28nov2011

My phone was acting weird tonight. It was 15 minutes behind the clock on the computer and tv. And the clock in real life, I guess I could have just said it was behind the clock in real life, but the clocks on the tv and the computer is what I looked at. Then I asked Ashley what her phone said because we both have at&t. Her phone said the same time as the tv and the computer.

I asked her to text me to see what would happen. I thought maybe it would reset my clock. She sent a text that said “Hi”.

Click to Enlarge

It didn’t reset it.

But we had fun with it. I said, “Who is this?”

And Ashley quickly texted back, “The future.”

One of my favorite things about my wife is how funny she is. In the past. The present. And in the future.

Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

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Just kidding! Todd is awesome and he’ll take care of you and your vehicle and give you a free cup of the best coffee in town. Tell him Kevin sent you and told you he’d give you “the discount”. (It only works if you do the air quotes.)


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