Photo of the Day- 29nov2011

Sometimes you just need some encouragement. From time to time you just need to know someone cares. And every once in a while you just need someone to say they care about what you have to say when no one else does -which is a little more often for some of us.

Which is why I keep this card from Chick-fil-A on my desk where I can always see it:

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“Your Opinion Matters!” 

I could have cashed it in for a chicken sandwich long ago but would I have felt my opinion mattered every week after staff meeting when it might have seemed it didn’t? Nope. And I wouldn’t trade that thing for 10 sandwiches now because every time I feel like my opinion doesn’t matter I can look at that card and know that it does matter to someone. Thanks Chick-fil-A!

Today’s Photo Brought To You By:

Midas Car Care Center at 5951 Brainerd Road is your complete car care destination. Oil changes to brakes, tires to alignments… they do it all! See if Todd is there and then ask for TJ.

Just kidding! Todd is awesome and he’ll take care of you and your vehicle and give you a free cup of the best coffee in town. Tell him Kevin sent you and told you he’d give you “the discount”. (It only works if you do the air quotes.)


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