This page is not set up yet.

Question: Why is it not set up yet?

Answer: I hate you.


4 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Kristyl Roberts Says:

    I have an idea for your imagincation, travel the world and decide where we should take our honeymoom. I am open to anything darling.

  2. Wade Says:

    Kevin… Vivki/ Modine give me this site but not a real email addy… sorry I did not hook up with you before. I thought you where going to email me again…because she does not share well with others …least email addy’s any way… my email is on the site but just for you… loandr4u@yahoo.com gets me for real April 9 is full except for 2 promoter holds I have looking for Chattanooga ppl… holl at me and call the club and sign up… if you have any question you can text me and I will call ya back… I would not answer if I did not know WHO you were calling anf VM is screwed up right now any way!!! Looking forward to talking to ya… Wade

  3. Nicole V Says:

    I was wondering if I could borrow your picture of the clock for a webquest page for a school project.

    Thank you

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:

      sure thing! you are welcome to anything on the site.

      except pictures of me without a shirt on, those are $2.99.

      see ya!


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