When I’m President



I hate cancer.

A lot.

Seriously, it is one of my least favorite things. It is lower than wet dog smell on my list of things I do not want to exist.

So on Saturday night April 18th we are getting together to raise some money to help rid the world of the awfulness that is cancer.

(Yes, if we raise enough, we will get rid of wet dog smell too.)

How did this come about???

Well, a few months ago I did something called The Kevin Show: Operation FUNdraiser… it was a comedy special about the last year or so of my life I did to help raise money to pay for an unexpected appendectomy surgery I had to have.

It was fun and the money from it went to buy my doctor a  new boat. Or 1700 cans of Ravioli. I’m not real sure what he did with the money once he got it, all I know is that he REALLY wanted it.

So to help him buy his boat or all those cans of pasta goodness I put together a comedy special that highlighted my ridiculousness.

This time I am putting together a comedy special that will highlight my upcoming presidency called Kevin K Lewis: When I’m President.

The SOLE purpose of this is to raise money for cancer research. It is actually a fundraiser for the Relay for Life we are doing two weeks later across the street at The Meadows, which is just a fancy name for “the field across the street from the church.”


Let’s get to the details:


What: Kevin K Lewis: When I’m President

A one hour comedy special to help rid the world of cancer.


When: April 18th, 7:00 pm


Where: Ridgedale Baptist Church CLC


1831 Hickory Valley Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421

click HERE for a grainy map, or click HERE for a link to Google Maps.

(signs directing you to the CLC will be posted)


Why: To rid the world of cancer FOREVER!

(Also hopefully we will annihilate wet dog smell)


How: ONLY with YOUR help!

Tickets are only $2… get yours at Ridgedale Baptist Church or by emailing me at kevklewis@hotmail.com

NOTE: Don’t forget to go to the bank because donations will be taken day of the show!


If you have any questions you can call the church at (423) 499.0994 or you can call my cellular device at (423) 243.6536.


I hope that you can make it, but even if you can’t, I hope that you will be able to help by giving online. You may give online by clicking on the Relay for Life logo below. Thanks in advance for helping us rid the world of cancer and wet dog smell, YOU are a hero!





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    […] The show starts at 7pm in the Gym at Ridgedale Baptist Church, you can get all the details and directions by clicking HERE […]

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